Phono Emergency Tool

Phono Emergency Tool a rock band from Bologna in Italy is Andrea Sgarzi (Guitar / Vocal), Sandro Sgarzi (Bass / Vocal) and Marco Lama (Drums).

Phono Emergency Tool - rock from Italy

Phono Emergency Tool

Phono Emergency Tool have a clean shaven sound which draws influences from many strands of rock and stir up well structured compositions that have some frayed edges to entice the listener. The guitar is deployed as the point of reference with different styles and effects enabling the trio to wander across a diversity of ranges.

At the heart of it lays a stadium rock central pillar which Phono Emergency Tool reinterpret with a focus on the progressive allowing the band to concentrate on creating songs which have a powerful base, invested with statement phrases that are reworked through the pieces, giving them a slightly psychedelic feel.

Each, established players, Phono Emergency Tool, have developed a style of play that exudes confidence with well paced tracks that do not extend beyond their welcome, filled with variations on the theme.

The trio emit a sound which belies the fact that there are only three members of the band as their interpretations are filled with layers of texture which give the audience plenty to consider.

I have had the opportunity to take a listen to their forthcoming twelve track LP – Get The Pet – which is an enjoyable journey through a diversity of sound spaces.


Get the Pet – Phono Emergency Tool is available on iTunes*.

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