Phone Home

From New York in the USA emerge brothers John Vallarelli (percussion) and Michael Vallarelli (electronics and keys) with their blend of instrumental electro-maths in the shape of Phone Home.

Phone Home - electro-maths from the USA

Phone Home – electro-maths from the USA

Tunes appear irregularly by Phone Home, but when they do are worth taking time to spend time to enjoy. Synthetics and keyboards are flitted with pads and drums as they deliver a fleeting temper of sound that flight their way into the ears akin to a dart hitting target guided by feathers.

The weightless synths and traditional keys float around the room in abandon, to be tethered by a looming percussion weighing down the arrows giving the material a depressed tonality to which the mind finds cohesion and the longer played the more the measured constructs resonate.

After a two year break of blankness, it transpires that Phone Home are calling up the audience again and plans lay afoot for an EP later this year. There is a commonality of theme in the latest material which will strike established audiences of their sound, yet the duo have been able to transform into something which has evolved with a more angular posture.

If you are a regular reader, you will have come across numerous bands who only release material every few years, which is caught as it appears and if this is the route for Phone Home, I wish them all the best as it is worth bridging the gaps.

Perhaps appropriately I have selected a track from November 2013, but don’t be frightened to catch their more recent single which surfaced in February or the forthcoming EP.

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