Peur is the alt-rock trio of J-LoRyun Greenbo and Sammy Boy Bantien from Manchester in England.

Peur - alt-rock from England


A snarling guitar fizzes out of the speakers like an unleashed growling bear, yet despite the scowling visage inside lays a tenderness in composition in which melodies and expression is the hallmark of Peurs’ sound. It is the ability of the trio to deliver music that at heart is uncompromisingly festering in malcontent, whilst finding room to convey harmonics that makes the out-put of some considerable interest.

Bass and percussion sweep around each other to set the unrelenting advance of Peur whilst the guitar flows from poisonous to beguiling as the vocal expresses the concepts in manner that gives the overall sound its approachability.

A couple of years behind them has seen the trio establish a name for themselves locally, which is starting to grow further afield. Supporting the live performances recorded material is available, with the newest track Hollow Skies, which has a more sophisticated sound that pushes the vocal further to the foreground than much of what has come before, is set for release on the 9th March.

Were I to have a touch more patience than I do, the new song I would be able to stream for you next week, but I don’t – so the last release – Explosions – that came out in November of last year.


Explosions – Single – Peur is available on iTunes.*

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