Peekaboo Primate – Spray Tan – Video

The Finnish alt-metal quartet Peekaboo Primate will be releasing the LP Misanthropical on the 12th of May.

Peekaboo Primate - Misanthropical - artwork

Peekaboo Primate – Misanthropical – artwork

From the ten track album (which is available through Inverse Records), the opener Spray Tan bustles out of the speakers in with a mix of melodic concepts as Peekaboo Primate combine flurries of pulsing metal with a deftness for creating music that doesn’t require volume and distortion to impact.

Alongside the compression of bass and percussion the guitar is given free reign to deliver flourishes of chords whilst vocal floats between growling and sympathetic tones. Changing mood completely after about a minute and forty seconds Spray Tan slows to incorporate a theatrical electronic bridge before winding up the pressure again to conclude the just under three and a half minute track.


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