PAWS is the Glasgow / Edinburgh, Scotland, based garage rock trio of Phillip Taylor, Josh Swinney and Ryan Drever.

PAWS - garage rock from Scotland


Rumbling fuzz careens out of the speaker and tumbles around the room like a mesmerising bundle of energy as PAWS deliver control and enthusiasm inside flashes of inspiration. This is another out-fit that has languished in my inbox for too long and since their email back in 2011, they have gone from strength to strength.

PAWS is able to develop tracks which speak of darker moments, without leaving the listener downbeat as the tales relate directly to the audience and it is of no surprise they have been able to take their sounds, which transcend national boundaries to audiences in the USA and across Europe developing an ever more loyal fan-base along the way. Concentrating on live performance, their irregular formal releases are invested with the connection of the stage, replicating in the studio the joy of playing.

Having gone through the difficult early years, including a slight change in line-up PAWS have found themselves a key element for many other established touring bands and if justice is served it won’t be long before they are able to break the barrier and headlining significant tours themselves.


Youth Culture Forever – Paws is available on iTunes*.

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