Trevor Martell (Guitar / Vocals / Keys), Wyatt Phillipi (Bass / Vocals / Keys) and Jason Allenby (Drums / Xylo / Vocals) from Portland, Oregon, in the USA combine to form the rock band Patrimony.

Patrimony - photo by Jb Nelson

Patrimony – photo by Jb Nelson

Prowling out of the speakers come powerful deeply resonating guitars as Patrimony cast a scathing pall across the room. Taking a travel through their catalogue of material finds the audience transported across influences of British Rock, eight bar blues, psychedelia and heavy metal, which they wrap up inside a common thread of urgency that keeps the ears and feet active.

The trio play well together affording each element the opportunity to shine without becoming over-powering and it is their cohesiveness that gives Patrimony an instant recognizability. Whilst taking influence from expansive genres the music is compacted into clear themes, be they tracks running at less than three minutes to over seven, the brain doesn’t feel as though they are wallowing in largesse as the ever present sneer gives the material an impressive rawness that can’t but retain attention.

With a regular live performance schedule and plenty of recorded material along with more than capable musicianship and creativity Patrimony should and deserve to be more widely known, but such are the vagaries of the music business.


You’re Telling Me Lies – Single – Patrimony is available on iTunes.*

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