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The English ambient gaze-wave project Paragraphs released the LP I Went Outside, I Could Hear The Houses Breathing, They Were Alive on the 1st.



Find a silent space in which to lay, turn up the volume, turn off the lights and allow the just under fifty minutes – seven track album to wash over your mind.

The listener finds themselves in a chamber of sounds which massage the synapses to approaching standstill as the pace of time shifts parameters of normality whilst the hypnotic waves of undulating instrumentation, synthetics and vocal calmly wreath around the mind.

Long after the album (available on bandcamp) has finished the audience remains inculcated in the hypnosis of I Went Outside, I Could Hear The Houses Breathing, They Were Alive.

The fourth track – running at just a tad short of nine and five sixths minutes – I Can’t Do This  – which is a natural over extension of the previous track – Nothing Will Ever Get Better –  is a decent place to get to grips with the conceptualisation of the LP.

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