Paradise Bird – Baby’s in L.A – Audio

The English electrodream project Paradise Bird is planning the release of the EP My Lover Died in March.

Paradise Bird

Paradise Bird

Setting the scene for the EP is the just revealed Baby’s in L.A..

The almost six minutes running time, rather than seeming extraneous to the conceptualisation of the song, suits perfectly the mood and moment.

There is a wistful flow to the composition which minds of the morose thoughts which float through the mind on a particularly despondent day, yet akin to those moments of darkness there is also a sense of the mind recalibrating processes to reenvision the dynamics, resulting in a feeling of quiet acceptance.

A beguiling xylophone loops through the electronica whilst the dreamy vocal pivots in the shadowy undergrowth in a song that holds attention due to its quiet demeanour and demure beauty.

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