Papercut – Not the End – Video

The Greek ambient-rock project Papercut released the LP Pockets Of Silence last month.

Papercut - Pockets Of Silence - artwork

Papercut – Pockets Of Silence – artwork

Not to be confused with the alt-indie US band Papercuts who were introduced back in 2009 – Papercut utilise both both electronic and acoustic instruments to create their spacious textures.

On the thirteen track album a variety of musicians feature in various numbers – Not The End – the eleventh is accompanied by Kid Moxie.

The just over three an a half minute track drifts into the room as though carried on pillows of clouds with the music spilling over across the ears wrapping the listener in a dreamy bath of relaxing instrumentation and electronica with circling vocal akin to a celestial being gliding into focus.

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Pockets of Silence – Papercut (GR) is available on iTunes.*

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