Panic Tree

The eroto-synth duo Panic Tree from Berlin in Germany comprises A. Seiffert and T.H. Krohn.

Panic Tree - eroto-synth from Germany

Panic Tree

Harmonics of male and female voice gives Panic Tree the ability to deliver a sound that drips in vivid lustres of oil paint that drip down the canvas like streaming tears. The blended electronics serve to spotlight the evolving evocation of unfulfilled desires.

The darkness of Panic Tree has a translucent luminescence that weaves its way into the thought processes of the listener and the erotic hypnoticism minds of leather cuffs in the dungeon as the duo tease the audience with temptations of the flesh.  This is material to enjoy as the submissive in worshipful servitude as the duo evocatively tease the listener with warmed candle-wax drips that arouse and enthral.

Their new LP – Hyena, which came out on the 16th, finds Panic Tree in remorseless mood for the forty minutes of the release as they tempt the audience with beguiling promise of ecstasies untold and as the tracks unfurl so the pleasures peak.


Hyena – Panic Tree is available on iTunes.*

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