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The US dreamscape-lofi creator Alex Futtersak who performs musically as Palm Poko released the three track single Tiny Island on the 9th.

Palm Poko

Palm Poko

Contained within the Tiny Island release (available on bandcamp) are two full tracks and a partial introduction to the next Palm Poko release (that I will inform you of in more detail when it surfaces).

There is often a fascinating conundrum that occurs in the world of music as many of those who release music recorded in a home studio studiously consider each element of their music with no need for input or ‘quality control’ compared to many of those who release material in a Studio for Hire anticipating that a ‘music producer’ will find the intricacies they forgot to record – resulting in home harmonics often sounding far more complete and Palm Poko is a case in point.

The second track – Hannalina Hill – is a piece of music to put on loop as the tranquillity of the vocal nestles in the softness of omnichord leaving the listener snuggled comfortably in an eiderdown.

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