Pale Green Things

Pale Green Things an alt-indie vehicle from Macclesfield in England is the songwriter Jack Traynor.

Pale Green Things - alt-indie from England

Pale Green Things

On hitting play I was reminded of Cosmo Jarvis so how could I not be intrigued. An easy flowing sound ripples around the room as acoustics and electronics melt one into the other. It is interesting how outfits which are so easily dismissed as novelty acts by many often have far more musical ability and things to say than so called mainstream acts and Pale Green Things is a fine example.

It is perhaps that these creators have absolute confidence in what they are doing and approach their music in a carefree style which oozes out of the tracks. The audience isn’t under pressure to be impressed by a granite faced creator and neither does the act feel pressure to meet any expectation. This is a sound that can be taken as a light-hearted party sound or considered as music with something to say and it works on both levels.

A new release is planned for the 20th January and I hope there will be more in short order. Long may the world of music be filled with acts such as Pale Green Things.


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