Paddy Clegg

Paddy Clegg from Liverpool in England is an alt-folk musician.

Paddy Clegg - alt-folk from England

Paddy Clegg

The music by Paddy Clegg bounces across the room in cathartic bounds of eviscerating contemplation. There is an unfettered contextualism to the material that rejoices, as it simultaneously salves of the frictions of being alive.

Engaging tractions of sound tempt the listener aboard as Paddy Clegg explores his surroundings inside extractions of conceptual thinking. There is a nihilism that wraps up the audience in uncomplicated threads that reflect of conjectures of opportunities to come. There is a surprising positivity that lays within a genre which more usually poses past fleeting moments and it is this parabola which makes the sounds so intriguing.

Paring back the compositions to bare-bones Paddy Clegg is able to offer a differential that leaves the mind reflective of fortuitous opportunity waiting to be grasped, which marks the tracks out as something to add to the playlist.

Harking of off-beat up-lifting reggae on the one hand and simultaneously introspective Brit-pop the escarpments over which the compositions leap – reap of a full barn of safely harvested grain.

The ability Paddy Clegg has to eschew verisimilitude  to create honed music which is as honest as it sounds is a credit to his abilityto look in to his own heart, to create his music.

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