Oxen – Luck – Single Review

The Swedish indie-rock trio Oxen were introduced earlier in the year.

Oxen - Photo by Fredrik Karlsson

Oxen – Photo by Fredrik Karlsson

The latest track to surface – Luck finds them in more frustrated temper with a song that ponders the fragility of connections, where each party expects more of the other than willing to give in return, resulting in a breakdown of fractured relationship.

The slowly paced track paces around the room in ever growing self-immolating ill-tempered contemplation, with widely spaced notes colliding against each other as they linger in the ears with the low registers of tone describing the arc of thought whilst strangulated vocal emotes of the building resentment.

It will be interesting to hear where Oxen head next as their first two tracks express of polar opposite ends of relationships, yet each handled as deftly as the other.

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