Owl Meet Rabbit – Pardon My Interruption – Audio

Owl Meet Rabbit is an emo-folk project from the USA.

Owl Meet Rabbit

Owl Meet Rabbit

Apologies for the late arrival to this one, which has been hanging around in my email inbox and I was waiting for an answer to query, making it a couple of days later than to be expected.

Emo-folk as a genre descriptor? I am aware that my on the hoof genre definitions do result in some pulling their hair out in frustration, though I normally find the more abstract the definition the more readily it describes the music, once again, you will be able to judge.

The lofi hum of the disparate selection of instrumentation in the songs fight with the acridity of the voice resulting in the listener being minded of rubbing a balloon on hair and resulting in a static-electric pull which is simultaneously as irritating as it is fascinating, resulting in either a growing enjoyment the longer heard or a desire to run for the hills and never to return.

I am always delighted by the lesser explored valleys of music, such as with Owl Meet Rabbit, I can only suggest if you aren’t too this isn’t necessarily a site in which you will find much that doesn’t cause consternation.

The second song on the eponymous six track LP, which came out last week and is available on bandcamp, is Pardon My Interruption.

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