Jonathon Binns (Guitar / Vocals), Billy White (Bass) and Jazz Reeves (Drums / Percussion) combine to form the Barnsley, England based alt-rock band OverClockWise.

OverClockWise - alt-rock from England


Like bubbling sludge OverClockWise seep around the room in a sheer delight of elasticated bass and guitar, whilst an equally flocculated humic acid vocal blisters the ears as percussion imperceptibly wends its way into the head. This is music to rattle your speakers and your bones in some pleasure.

The grungy lo-fi productions crawl inside the skin as OverClockWise explore the lower registers, which as you well know s the range I most enjoy, delivering songs which have an intensity that speaks volumes. Music is about connectedness, much like all art-forms and I find myself drawn to the hypnotic festering sounds that the trio produce. It is simple, menacing and well constructed, what more can anyone ask of a band?

Just over a year old and securing regular local gigs and with a couple of releases behind them, one a five track EP – Have You Ever Looked Up? (which is available on bandcamp), OverClockWise is a band that makes being a music reviewer such a pleasure and I hope they find the far wider audience they deserve.

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