Over Sands – ISTHMUS – Single Review

The English dreamwave duo Over Sands released the single ISTHMUS on the 27th of February.

Over Sands - ISTHMUS

Over Sands – ISTHMUS

Last featured in 2015 it is good to catch up with the output which has a reference point to three years ago with music of dreamy soundscape, though now of greater synthesis which enables them to to explore the themes of the slowly revolving tracks more fully.

Threads of guitar and electronica interweave through the speakers in unhurried waves which as they expand become ever more fused one in to the other sublimating in to the listener who finds their body and mind syncopating with the immersive fluidity. While the vocal slips in and out of earshot ISTHMUS introduces synthesised brass and samples to fill the spaces which adds further texturing to the melting composition.

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