Outrageous Fun

Outrageous Fun from Atlanta in the USA is the new-wave trio of Sam Hellmann (Vocals / Guitar), Colin Muller (Bass) and Cameron Barnes (Drums).

Outrageous Fun - Garage rock from the USA

Outrageous Fun

About a year into their exploration of the music industry Outrageous Fun have a name which suits the sound-waves that peel the paintwork as the music excoriates the room.

As I have previously posited, it is possible to tell my mood by the bands being reviewed and this is a diamond encrusted example of mood music. Nothing sophisticated here, but a reflective on the world and the trio is able to expound on their perspective with a recalcitrant persona which bounds from wall to wall meeting the audience from both sides in a vice to the head.

There are times when the unformulaic vicissitudes are exactly as they should be and Outrageous Fun are precisely at that stage as teen angst meets reality and they speak for a generation who sadly mainly sit with cloth-ears. I am reminded of all the best of The Roxy over here in the UK and CBGBs in the USA.

Thank you for being who you are Outrageous Fun and long may you continue to do it.


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