Out Of Ashes

Based in Oldenburg in Germany – Hakan Sag (Vocals / Guitar), Florian Gruber (Guitar), Bero Klahr (Bass) and Max Graue (Drums) combine to form the melodic-metal band Out Of Ashes.

Out Of Ashes - melodic-metal from Germany

Out Of Ashes

Out Of Ashes deliver sounds which find lumps of plaster falling from the walls as a powerful bass and percussion steal their way into the room but rather than being joined by haranguing guitar, the two six stringers deliver floating commentary to the compositions, whilst vocal switches between moments of growling menace to melodic accompaniment.

The quartet are able to combine full force flurries of sound with considered washes of colour giving Out Of Ashes a broad spectrum of space which they fill with material that floats from the almost acoustic to wall rattling and it all makes sense.

The musicians are experienced; formed as a result of band splits and an, as it happens fortunate house move, bringing them together (hence the band name). Although Out Of Ashes itself is relatively new they have been able to translate experience to provide music that has poise and clarity marking out an intriguing landscape in which to explore their ideas.

It will be interesting to discover how far the quartet can travel with their cross-over of sounds and I wish Out Of Ashes all the best in their endeavours.

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