Ottokraft – Crazy Horse – Audio

It has been over three years since the French industrial-electronics project Ottokraft last featured and I have no idea why I have allowed such a long period of no updates.



A new EP is due for imminent release – The Sick Culture Of Wealth and a song from the release surfaced a couple of hours ago – Crazy Horse.

Despite the lengthy gap there is an immediate familiarity as the buzzing synths, which remind of Tubeway Army whizz around the room. There the commonality of sounds, though not sentiment, ends as Ottokraft also now feature chomping guitar to accompany the commentary of societal malcontent. The listener is swayed between warming synth sections and frustrated thrashing rock as Ottokraft express in Crazy Horse the dichotomy of ‘doing the right thing’ as dictated by bureaucrats and actually being a sentient human being who can recognise it is their life that is being ground into a discarded dust of obedient slavery.

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