Orson Hentschel – Noise of the Light – Video

The German industrial-electronics producer Orson Hentschel was introduced earlier this year.

Orson Hentschel - Noise of the Light

Orson Hentschel

Whilst details of his 2016 scheduled début LP are scarce, Noise Of Light will be on the album.

Spreading its wings for just over seven minutes, Noise Of Light features the panic stricken percussion and dystopian sound-track which is his signature sound. Like diodes of light the sounds flash from unexpected corners filling the mind with an ever growing sense of discombobulation and the audience is left in a state of bewilderment as the electronics pulse through the brain.

Given the tracks so far featured on the site by Orson Hentschel, the LP is going to be something well worth adding to the collection – though probably not for a light-hearted party moment.

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