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The Norwegian and Swedish dystopian trio orsak:oslo released the three track single Tipping Point on the 17th.

orsak:oslo - photo credit - David Holmqvist

orsak:oslo – photo credit – David Holmqvist

On hitting play on the first track on Tipping Point (available on bandcamp) Brugata Blues – the rumbling underfoot is not the foundations crumbling –  rather the distorted saw of guitars opening the seven and five sixths of a minutes track and merely firing the opening cylinders of the release.

By the time the the fulsome structure of the composition comes to fore the listener has already turned up the volume, only to discover that was not necessarily the wisest move as when the moment arrives at about seventy seconds in – they will find themselves worrying about the structural integrity of the walls and wondering where the nearest scaffolding firm may lay.

The bleakness of the harrowing instrumental songs on Tipping Point paradoxically fill the audience with a sense of catharsis rather than timorous fear.

The band name orsak:olso you may be pondering with its distinctly Norwegian reference is something of an in-house moment as only one of the three is from Sweden.


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