Organised Scum

Organised Scum is the alt-rock duo of Tom Duggins (Vocals / Guitar) and Sean Canty (Drums / Keys) from London in England.

Organised Scum - alt-rock from England

Organised Scum – alt-rock from England

The light touches of Organised Scum are a joy to the ear as they apply soft brushes to the undercurrent of frustration that burbles around the room. Slushy-blues are strengthened by aggregated limestone giving the material a concrete impenetrability which belies the cotton bud coating.

Surfacing with their first material just over a year ago as a trio followed by further recordings with up to five players Organised Scum are now slimmed to a duo, yet despite the crash dieting and bloating, there has always been a continuity of sound and it will be interesting to follow future developments. One can only hope the core creativity remains intact to accumulate value to the world of music for future posterity adding to the intriguing back-catalogue that already exists.

The abstract nature of the compositions are a bookmark to the realities of life in the 21st Century where one tribes certainties have become another’s stumbling block, resulting in ever greater fragmentation, despite the supposed closer ties of globalisation.


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