Only Sun – Overcome – Single Review

Only Sun is an indie quartet from England.

Only Sun

Only Sun

Their latest single, Overcome which was released on the 17th, skips around the room beckoning of a warmer summer to come which is somewhat a reminder of the band name.

Deft drumming makes the signature sound as clicked sticks rebound on the rims, each other, firmly closed hi-hat and stretched snare. I could quietly leave the review at this point – but that would be to shortchange the other contributions.

The flaring guitar bursts glittering sparkle around the ear whilst energetic bass shreds skin from finger to deliver kicking dance-steps, whilst a sinus-tonal vocal reminds of the best of ‘the ’80s tropical resurgence.

Only the lacklustre could not find engagement with Overcome which for its very breeze is able to shred any clouds in the sky and the listener is left with a sense of exuberant enthusiasm for life in the just under two and a half-minute invitation to bask in the bright sunshine that is the sound of Only Sun.


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