Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows is  – Omri Dagan (Vocals / Acoustic guitar), Lia Sherman (Violin / Vocals), Mihai Cernea (Harmonica / percussion), Liron Hazan (Bass / Contrabass) and Israel Nizri (Percussion) –  an alt-folk band from Tel Aviv in Israel.

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows - alt-folk from Israel

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows produce music which has a mournful resonance without stepping to melancholia as the quintet provide a commentary on the ride of life with its disappointments, sadnesses, high points and opportunities. Whilst firmly rooted in the acoustic folk territory, they have been able to add a soupçon of rock ‘n’ roll inflections to deliver a surprisingly rolling flow to the music.

With the flexibility of the range of instruments the quintet is able to invest the compositions with emotional relevance which gives the resulting out-put a captivating presence. These are not songs you are going to pull out for a tub-thumping party night, but certainly worth reaching for on a quiet evening at home with a few friends.

To be found on the local live circuit, Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows have enough about them for this to work well across geographic boundaries.

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