Omega Vague

Omega Vague – space-gaze from Hartford in the USA is Craig Douglas with the live additional line-up of Joel Booska (Bass / Vocals).

Omega Vague - space-gaze from the USA

Omega Vague

One is left with the need to be gazing at the stars or laying back in a planetarium as Omega Vague caresses the mind with spaciousness. The brain slows down and the senses open as the fusions of synthetics and instrumentation curl like wisps of steam disappearing into nothingness and the thought processes are drawn to the vastness of the universe.

It is all too often that song-writers confuse spaciousness with periods of inactivity, however Omega Vague is a master of the fractal and for each receding wave of sound a seemingly infinitesimal stream of new flows gently unwind and it this ability to provide a continual ebb and flow that gives the music is fulcrum of attraction.

The shimmers of sound echo inside each other giving the music a shoegaze reference, as equally the electronics provide a space-rock tincture, whilst a vocal which appears from the ether adds a mesmeric focus and the listener is left pondering astrophysics long after the final notes have drifted into silence.

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