Old Swing – Time – Single Review

Old Swing is an English ragtime-indie troupe.

Old Swing

Old Swing

Washed in luscious reverb and soaked pedal swimming in a shoal encased by synthetic keys, their latest single Time, which was released earlier in the month belies the hive of frenetic under-current jazz-fused activity which underpins the song as the vocal glides through the room merely generating ripples of disturbance and leaving the listener unwittingly shaking their shoulders through the shifting phraseology of the composition.

Old Swing in Time evidence of a group of musicians who know when enough is enough on the mixing desk and although laden with depths of effects the resulting output is of a calming serenity in which the audience can either explore the rapidly oscillating pectoral fins or flow in gentle swoops with the graceful anguilliform locomotion.

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