Okapi – Quarantine – Audio

The US gothic-chamber duo Okapi release the LP Carousel (Part I) on the 1st of November.



Three powerful instruments allow Okapi to deliver in Carousel (Part I) (available on bandcamp) roughly forty three minutes of far reaching compositions within the eight tracks. A double bass is strummed, plucked, slapped and knuckled to create solidity of supporting infrastructure while the mesmerising tones of the bowed and fingered cello create intricate filigrees to adorn the architecture while the third – an expansive vocal travels along the design work bridging, skipping and tying the ornamentation to the structures.

Okapi create music which necessarily has an experimental nature, therefore cast aside all thoughts of linear structures prior to hitting play and entrust the musicians – Scott Mitchell Gorski (Double Bass / Vocal) and Lindsey Paige Miller (Cello) to create music that will free your mind from self-constraint.

At this point in time I am unable to share with you my pick of the release, the fifth, Bundle’s Bolero – however the second track, which I am, Quarantine – is a more than adequate substitution.


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