Oishiihanashi ( おいしいはなし )

Oishiihanashi ( おいしいはなし ) from Tokyo in Japan is the psychedelic pop quartet of Konno ( コンノ ) (Guitar / Vocal), Kanako ( カナコ )(Keys /Vocal), Yurika ( ユリカ ) (Drums / Vocal) and Niahiyama ( ニシヤマ ) (Bass).

Oishiihanashi ( おいしいはなし ) - psychedelic pop from Japan

Oishiihanashi ( おいしいはなし )

The spirits are lifted on hitting play as Oishiihanashi usher their blurry sounds from the speakers. The listener is left with a sense of fun, whilst the music twists and turns along its path.

There is a naivety to the sound which superbly matches the mood of the music, which is intended for any-time play. That isn’t to say the musicians are not serious players as tracks are written with consideration and capture the spirit of the music in each iteration. Oishiihanashi have a repertoire of songs which they can be proud of and I look forward to hearing their further development.

With a few years behind them the music has become more polished, whilst still retaining the infectious sense of joy that marked their earlier pieces of work. Their most recent LP Room, Sea, Grassland ( 部屋、海、草原 )was released in December of last year and the eight track LP is full of surprising turns.


部屋、海、草原 – おいしいはなし is available on iTunes*.

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