Ohboy! – Carrot & The Stick – Single Review

The English retro-indie quintet Ohboy! release the single Carrot & The Stick on the 22nd.

Ohboy! - Carrot And The Stick - artwork

Ohboy! – Carrot And The Stick – artwork

Minding of a club full of MDMA – Carrot & The Stick takes the listener back to the early ’90s as the drifting notes slowly unfurl their way around the room to an insistent drum keeping the body moving whilst the lyric, which flows virtually unheeded, swirls around the head.

The popping colours Ohboy! utilise and musical references, rather than sounding two decades too late, provide a welcome update. Though reminding the listener of the sadness of the lack of Factory Records and The Haçienda the quintet are able to bring to the audience both a reminder of what was, whilst adding a sublime update of what is – leaving the mind satiated.

Carrot & The Stick doesn’t aim to challenge the listener, rather wrap them in a warm cloak of recollection and simultaneously offer an update of musical concurrence.


Carrot and the Stick – Single – Ohboy! is available on iTunes.*

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