Oh No Oh My

Oh No Oh My was an indie rock band from Austin in the USA composed of Greg Barkley, Joel Calvin, Daniel Hoxmeier and Tim Regan.

Oh No Oh My - indie rock from the USA

Oh No Oh My

A well established outfit, Oh No Oh My developed a sound which demonstrated their experience as musicians working together, with music that flowed as naturally as a river. Whilst over the years (and I was first introduced to them back in 2011 when they were already seasoned players together) their output took on a calmer note, ever retaining the original creativity they first displayed nine years ago having lost none of the genuine enthusiasm for their craft. Sadly they are now disbanded and played their last gig on the 24th August 2013, but I felt it was appropriate to tilt a hat to a band that has been fine stalwarts over the years and I wish all the musicians every success in their new musical directions.

The impressive back catalogue and touring schedule ensured that Oh No Oh My were readily accessible to those wanting to explore a fine group. It only remains a surprise that they didn’t had more significant exposure over the years, but that I guess is down to the vagaries of the music industry. It is just coming up to two in the morning as I write this and somehow the material is perfect for the time. Relaxed and melodic, but with enough zest to maintain the full concentration of a tired mind. The interplay between the various instruments allowed the band to play with compositions to deliver fairly complex baton changes mid bar and it is the ease with which they made these transitions that captures the attention of the listener.


Between the Devil and the Sea – EP – Oh No Oh My from 2005 is available on iTunes*.

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