OfeliaDorme – Jupiter – Single Review

The Italian ethereal-rock band OfeliaDorme were first introduced in 2009 and last featured in 2014.

OfeliaDorme - Jupiter - artwork

OfeliaDorme – Jupiter – artwork

Whilst always darkly textured, in Jupiter, OfeliaDorme have been able to introduce an even more spectral layering to the music.

The echoing synths provide a moody framework for the track as the bass provides the depth and gloomy weaves of sound and the percussion delivers the sense of an unstoppable foreboding whilst the vocal, which is delivered behind the foggy texturing, provides the haunting melancholia. All enabling the just under five minute track to fully captivate the attention, whilst chilling the spine.

OfeliaDorme have put out a couple of singles this year after a two year break in releasing material and I hope that Jupiter (which is available on bandcamp) marks a return to more regular recordings becoming available.

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