Nuns Of The Tundra – Dead In The Desert – Single Review

The English stoner quartet Nuns Of The Tundra released the single Dead In The Desert on the 7th.

Nuns Of The Tundra - Dead In The Desert - artwork

Nuns Of The Tundra – Dead In The Desert – artwork

There has been just one change in the line-up – Jim Smith joining on bass and replacing Callum Croft since Nuns Of The Tundra last appeared, in 2014.

Dead In The Desert (available on bandcamp) has a darker and more psilocybin mushroom feel than last featured with pace having considerably slowed, allowing for a more spacious soundscape.

A prominent bass gives the track a dark presence through which the two guitars intertwine like coloured candles dripping wax in to a melting pool resulting in a kaleidoscopic array of sound, while the percussion affords Dead In The Dark a continual flowing presence as the vocal drifts, unhurriedly, in out and of focus.

I merely hope it is prior to 2020 that I get back to the Nuns Of The Tundra.

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