Novacaine Nothing

The London, England, based Jason Leung (Vocals), Ronan Kemp (Guitar), Roman Uetskiy (Lead Guitar) and Jamie Parker (Drums) are the alt-metal quartet of Novacaine Nothing.

Novacaine Nothing - Noughts And Crosses - artwork

Novacaine Nothing – Noughts And Crosses – artwork

Set to release their début EP Noughts & Crosses on the 18th of December and variously formed by musicians originating in Asia, North America and Europe – London became the adopted home of Novacaine Nothing for their commingle of metal influences.

The music unequivocally threads of the differences of reference point with fulminating vocal cloaked within melody and harnessed pace. Rather than sounding like out-put created by a committee Novocaine Nothing are able to beat out an interesting route of discovery as furious voice, finds bedfellow with expansive guitar as percussion and bass stand askance of the unfolding theatre of conflict, which reflects of their own journey of a purview of various players, attributable to various addictions and the mantle load of depression.

I can’t assure you that the line-up will be the same given the history of rotation on their next appearance on the site, but, of certainty will be the idiosyncratic nature of the out-put of Novacaine Nothing who successfully have a history of destroying barriers to ensure their continuity and a project I anticipate of further unravelling over the coming years.

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