Northwest – Reflection – Single Review

Northwest is the relatively newly formed melancholic-romance project based in England who released their début single Reflection on the 1st.

Northwest - Reflection - artwork

Northwest – Reflection – artwork

Filter all extraneous sound and light before hitting play to allow the mind to sink into the voluptuous seduction of the honey-sweet vocal temptation winding through evocative cello and mellifluous keys, as Reflection, akin to a Sirens call, draws senses of longing into the tale of love unrequited.

The stark contrasts of the loving caresses, proffered by the gently holding instrumentation, against the backdrop of delusional lyrical longing allows Northwest to deliver a début single, in Reflection, that has the listener tying their own chains on cellar walls in supplication of more music to hear as-though a subservient pleading for domination.

I look forward to discovering more of the lugubrious exhortations of Northwest in short order.


Reflection – Single – Northwest is available on iTunes.*

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