Northwest – Look at Me – Single Review

The English melancholic-romance project Northwest released the two track single Look At Me on the 14th.

Northwest - Look At Me


Voluminous echoing open chambers open up to the listener as Northwest deliver in Look At Me an ethereal expansiveness. The scattered sounds are illuminated by their sparsity and the listener is left with a sense of isolation as the spaces create a void into which the mind finds itself drawn.

Very different to previous material featured Look At Me has an untouchable, intangible, intrigue that finds the replay button being hit immediately the track completes its journey into the unknown.

The slowly developing electronics which thread their way through the track that disappear as they quietly appear, gives Look At Me its sense of mystery allowing the listeners mind to drift into its own course of imagination, as the stunning vocal cuts angular slices into the slowly striding synths.

The B side is an extended instrumental version of Look At Me.

Look at Me – Single – Northwest is available on iTunes.*

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