Nona – Otherways – Single Review

Nona – the slow-wave-indie project of Michael Goldman from the USA released the single Otherways on the 8th.



The subsumed nature of Otherways weaves its way around the room akin to a somnambulist on a promenade as the easy lilts drift in to earshot while the determined journey will not be shaken from its slumber.

Fusing vocal and guitar gives Otherways an incandescence which can only be matched by a gas-light as the soft illumination sheds a steady glow that creates its own ambience by its distinct subtlety. Percussion and Bass give the track a trajectory that ensures the composition doesn’t spiral into a conceptualisation of its own visualisation and thereby keeping the listener engaged with the three and three quarter minutes of dreamy eddies of sound.

Otherways – Single – Nona is available on iTunes.*

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