Nomura is an alternative rock trio from Southampton in England. The band comprises of Jack Chapman (Bass), Liam Scott (Drums) and Calum Newbiggin (Guitar / Vocals).

Nomura - photo credit - Julian Holman

Nomura – photo credit – Julian Holman

Once again my thanks go to Dom for his thoughts.

That only three local lads could reside at the root of music which creates a complex brand of simplicity is initially hard to wrap one’s head around. Within The Cobblers Riff choppy drums and a pulsating bass rhythm guide Calum’s fluctuating vocals. Clean guitar reverberates and fills the space behind this melody, giving the softer verses an illusion of containing more than the mere sum of three instruments. This tranquil wall of sound builds in the second half of the track, progressing into more of a Maths-rock style reminiscent of Arcane Roots. The golden moment in the track is during this close, as a satisfying layer of distorted guitar seats itself beneath the increasingly-desperate vocals which endlessly beg: ‘Please don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made’.

For those familiar with the scene of young alternative and post-hardcore bands, perfecting the winning formula of delivering sincere emotion through tempered angst is a difficult task, but one that Nomura nails. Listen to The Cobblers Riff

and then listen to Candles in the Parlour, because both are worth your time.

Dom, not only writes about music, he also creates it and when I am able to get him out of his shell – you may find me penning some words about his own musical endeavours. For more of his world – you will find him on Instagram.

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