Noel And The Pandas

Noel And The Pandas from Riccione in Italy is the doom-rock quintet of Noel (Vocals), Nicola Rosti (Lead Guitar), Dominic Sambucco (Guitar), Matt Straveden (Keyboards) and Filippo Parmeggiani (Drums / Sampling).

Noel And The Pandas - Doom Rock from Italy

Noel And The Pandas

A richness of palette sweeps across the room in layers of swirling smoke as Noel And The Pandas deliver an under-current of sadness which captivates the mind. The quintet combine all the elements to provide the listener with emotionally riven textures of morose rock and it is served with the care and attention to detail of a Michelin three star restaurant.

Whilst the under-belly is that of introspective tumult, the audience is not left reaching for razor-blades, rather a single malt with which to conjugate the evolving compositions that evoke of thoughtful and regretful moments. Noel And The Pandas have strong song-writing skills and musical ability, but what raises this well above the pond is their sublime structures which gives the resulting out-put a symphonic feel with sounds emanating from every angle that coalesce in the ear with an intense deep resonance.

I look forward to hearing more.

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In the Art of Doom – Noel and the Pandas is available on iTunes*.

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  1. Great rewiev for a great alternative rock band

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