Noë from Berlin in Germany is an alt-indie band comprising – Stephan Noë (Vocals / Guitar), Anna Tsombanis (Saxophone /Key-flute), Stefan Meinking (Trumpet / Glockenspiel), Michael Büning (Double Bass) and Puya Shoary (Drums).

Noë - alt indie from Germany


You can tell by the range of instruments this isn’t your straightforward indie rock as Noë proffer an alternative more uplifting version musically as the lyrics spin around the world today, an intriguing sound to grab the ears, think Reggae on speed and you are with it.

Delightfully arranged compositions utilise all the instruments in a showering spark of light as the vocal reflects on a world in decay. There is some pleasure to be taken from the contextualisation particularly as Germanic is oft sentienced for a lack of humour, yet here we have it in a shimmering reflective, the more the music dances, the more morose the lyrics.

Never heading to the theatrical Noë are able provide a conceptual sound, which never mind the listeners grasp of German, give it a moment and it will make perfect sense for its contextualisation, this is music that portrays concept despite potential language barriers and it is always a personal pleasure when I can find bands that resonate globally when singing in their native language rather than the ubiquitous lingua franca demanding a global audience to engage not just instrumentally but linguistically, rather than just to receive.

Thanks Noë  and keep doing what you do, this is music that adds value to the world.


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