Nodigga from Los Angeles in the USA is the solo lo-fi electronica creator Nick Cardinal.

Nodigga - lofi electronica from the USA


A fascinating conceptual idea which could only emerge out of the home of lo-fi – Los Angeles. On hitting play you will be convinced your speakers have broken, such is the distortion, but be assured all is well, this is the creativity of Nodigga.

By fusing what are normally crystal clear pitches with instrumental and earth tilling turns of the fork the listener is left in a space which captivates. Compositionally there is nothing out of the ordinary, it neither seeks to tear open the edges of the envelope, nor does it attempt to be user friendly from the off, but what we are left with is something of incredible value as the creativity of a lively mind which expresses the individuality and perspective in a surprising way.

The material demands concentration to gain maximum value and that is easy to give as Nick Cardinal offers the audience an opportunity to give it a moment or two to make sense, or reach for the off button in even less time. In my opinion, there is a fascinating journey to discover with Nodigga and certainly a concept that will remain on my watch list. The frayed edges of the notes which ripple across the room in broken fragments add a luxuriant psychedelic osmosis to the sounds being delivered to the ears.

I could and will spend many an hour in this space.


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