No Man’s Valley

No Man’s Valley from Horst in The Netherlands is the alt-rock quintet of Jasper (Vocals), Christian (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Rob (Bass / Backing Vocals), Ruud (Organ / Philicordia / Piano / Backing Vocals) and Ruud (Drums).

No Man's Valley - alt-rock from The Netherlands

No Man’s Valley

There is an easy confidence to the music produced by No Man’s Valley, which is steeped in influences of decades ago, but they manage to give it a relevance to the 21st Century. Somewhat psychedelic blues textures billow around the room, but for me, what marks the sound as being of captivating interest is the contribution by (lets call him – Ruud 1) with the keys, that enable the quintet to flex considerable soaring flows to the core sound.

Tracks are given time to naturally develop without heading off on too obscure angles as No Man’s Valley allow themselves to explore the nuances of the compositions in openly spaced playing. Not a band to play when you are pushing up against the clock, but certainly worth unfolding when you have time at your disposal.

A somewhat appropriately named five track release …. And Four Other Songs is set to be launched in the 23rd March as a follow up to their 2012 release Mirror Image. In addition to the March release is a forthcoming new single – The Wolves Are Coming.


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