No Alarms – The Landing – Single Review

No Alarms is the Detroit (USA) indie-synth quintet of Andrew Boles (Vocals / Guitar / Synth),  Jack Reedy (Drums / Percussion), Jordan McLanson (Bass / Bass Synth / Percussion), Stephen Werner (Synth / Keys /Samples) and Daryn DeCriscio (Vocals / Guitar).

No Alarms

No Alarms

Their latest single The Landing, which came out earlier this month, is of quite different root-stock to previous material of theirs, which typically has been more indie-rock earthed.

A softly brushed ballad is threaded through a haze of synth and electronica to give the song a softwave texturing through which percussion and guitar lay subdued and thereby having something of a forlorn drifting melancholia that minds of former lovers parting.

In many ways my sense of the track, which lays in absolute contrast to the intentions by the  songwriter where the moment is intended to evoke the sense of positivity of landing on ones feet, elation and pure joy, demonstrates precisely just how subjective music is for each listener.


The Landing – Single – No Alarms is available on iTunes.*

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