Nighttime Revolution

Nighttime Revolution is the blues rock band comprising Rob Whiteley (Vocals), Liam Kempton-Robshaw (Drums), Toby Platt (Guitar) and Paddy Hughes (Bass) from Liverpool in England.

Nighttime Revolution - Blues Rock from England

Nighttime Revolution

Nighttime Revolution add an interesting smattering of Brit-pop to the sounds and resultingly deliver an interesting flow of music. This is a quartet who will stretch your speaker system to its limits as both sub-woofers and tweeters grapple with the extraordinary range of the quartet and what a delight it is to hear.

A simple concept lays behind the thoughts of Nighttime Revolution – make music to enjoy – and the listener is given a treat of enthusiastic music. For sure they don’t always get everything right, as the tracks range from twelve bar blues to psychedelic extravaganza, but what they do achieve is an out-put you can’t help but want to succeed with sounds that wrap the listener in an investment that the vocals will hit the high note and the guitar bend the notes to warp.

Less than a year into their development, I am full of support that if they stay with it Nighttime Revolution will hone it all more sharply and I raise my hat to them for setting such a high bar from the off.

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