Nice Power

Nice Power is the trip-hop duo of Sam Balfus and Alex Meiers who I will loosely call as from Paris in France.

Nice Power - trip-hop from France

Nice Power

Based in two USA cities on either side of the oceans but met in Paris – where they still retain their roots Nice Power make for a refreshing change.

Somewhat experimental in nature the duo stretch the high and low-notes and to be fair, as my settings are always set to bounce the sub-woofers, it took me a moment to realise the tweeters were dancing too. Don’t expect formulaic structures or discernible directions of travel when you hit play, but do let your music system have full range and you will find there are some intoxicating sounds bouncing around the room.

Whilst the music doesn’t seek to tear asunder the edges of the envelope as some of the outfits reviewed do, their reverse and ‘right song wrong speed’ gives the sounds fascinating architecture.

In my view Nice Power have struck a great balance between the unfathomable and the accessible, whilst testing the audience to explore their own dynamics. When a band has the listener becoming their own DJ, I think there is something of fascinating value to the world of music.

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