Nice Place

Alex (Vocals / Guitar), Stefan (Bass) and Shohei (Drums) from London in England recently got together to form the shimmering-indie band Nice Place.

Nice Place - shimmering-indie from England

Nice Place

One could be forgiven for thinking that Nice Place are a long-term staple diet on the music scene, rather than a new entity, with only three songs I have been able to hear and their first gig played on the 19th of August.

Echoing, delayed guitar teases the ears as a fixated bass insists it has places to go and the drum-kit keeps a tension wire between the two. Immediately marking Nice Place as a band that should be on the ‘moments to remember’ playlist and to round off the sound is a vocal which has the relaxation those of many years experience often fail to convey, covering much territory, without ever sounding stretched.

It is the innate ability that the trio have to cohesively paddle furiously underwater, leaving the listener with only a sense of elegant voyage that is the true testament of Nice Place and it shouldn’t be too far off that they strike far wider audiences.

I wish Nice Place every success in their journey into the choppy waters of the music business, as they have much to add.

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