Neverfriend is the alt-rock band comprising Gina Smith (Vocals / Guitar), Fraser Smith (Lead Guitar), Logan Bennett (Bass) and Mike Berrigan (Drums) from Ottowa in Canada.

Neverfriend - Alt-rock from Canada


Scouring their way into the room the sounds of Neverfriend provide a hermeneutic commentary of anxiety in tightly bonded compositions. There is an undertow of darkness that is highlighted by a bass that sings through the speakers. The percussion acts as a powerful driver adding to the menacing four strings, giving the quartet something of a gothic foundation. The guitars equally reflect of this consternation and are used to provide what seem like flashes of lightning which simultaneously deepen the shadows. Rounding of the out-put is a vocal that matches the mood with a pitch veering on panic struck and the resulting music is something that demands being put on loop.

Experienced musicians with the initial formation of Neverfriend back in 2006 it only remains a surprise they are not far better known, but those are the vagaries of the music industry. Whilst approaching their song-writing and professional development seriously, they do not let this spill into the music which retains a natural flow that allows the listener to feel connected.

Having had the opportunity to listen to much of their back-catalogue along with the latest release Evolve – that came out on the 16th I recommend grabbing hold of the whole lot and take an uninterrupted journey to discover Neverfriend.


Evolve – Neverfriend is available on iTunes.*

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