Lay, Fef and Megan Faye – also known as Neonfaith is an electro-indie outfit from New York in the USA.

Neonfaith - alt-indie from New York


The cross-current of subwoofer breaking bass is a pure delight. Neonfaith deliver music which demands the lights are dimmed as waves of sonic energy pulsate across the room driving the mind into a warp of influences.  Hints of ’80s new wave, celtic folk and vocal rock are combined teasingly, to engage the listener in the melange of twists and turns as the electronics sweep the audience up on their feet to sway in cohesion with the pulsating music.

A new EP is scheduled for release on September 24th 2013 which will cement their recordings and should attract a wider audience to the dark ribbons that is Neonfaith. The trio have an immediately recognisable creativity that has the potential to work particularly on the European club scene so it will be interesting to see if this release pushes them into the greater visibility that they deserve with the potential of some festival appearances next year.

I will certainly be keeping my ears open for future material from Neonfaith.


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