Naz & Ella

Naz & Ella is the folk duo of Nasreen Toorabally (Vocals) and Ella Patenall (Guitar / Backing Vocals) from London in England.

Naz & Ella

Naz & Ella

Although far from their sole focus, it is their beady eye on social issues that captured my attention to the material of Naz & Ella.

The duo deliver music that has a fragility which is reflective of the subject matter at hand, affording the songs their powerful presence, whilst, aurally presented as delicate fronds of slight and delicate structure, that one could imagine being as easily torn as a day old cobweb captured by winter dawn-light, encased in frost.

With fewer than a handful of songs around on recording, for those of us further afield and not had the opportunity to see them live, Naz & Ella have already staked themselves an impressive landscape from which to build their audience.

Quietly spaced and paced acoustic guitar lends the frailty, that is their signature sound, this is combined with lead and backing harmonised vocals providing the output its emotive context and the listener finds themselves transfixed by the resultant output, wherever the subject matter lays, be it social malaise or relationship loss.

Their début four track EP – In Limbo is available on bandcamp. From the release – Blind Eye – a track that was recorded live with little polish applied, which is precisely what, to me, gives the song its honest and raw connectivity through the speakers and the true essence of their sound.


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