Nature Channel

Bustling out of Brighton in England is the garage rock trio of Tom Denney (Guitar / Vocals), Luke Hefson (Bass / Vocals) and Jim Morrison (Drums) who form Nature Channel.

Nature Channel - garage rock from England

Nature Channel

It is when the likes of Nature Channel arrive in my inbox, that life as a music reviewer becomes an absolute delight. Turn up the speakers, scatter the furniture and dance in a frenzy of thrashing limbs. Whilst the music is rumbustious and care-free, don’t take that to mean it is ill-conceived. These are a trio of experienced musicians, who got together in 2013 to throw off the harnesses, which they have successfully, however these are considered compositions, not random chords plucked on the fly.

A barrage of percussion splinters through the room, to which a booming bass adds depth of flavour, as the six stringer is kept in toe in rapidly paced tempo with the mixed voices forming part of the out-put not a focus for specific attention, though that is perhaps just me, as you know once I can hear the bass, I am happy.

Now is perhaps a good time to get to know Nature Channel as they begin their journey and the début LP – Nature Sounds (available on bandcamp) is a fine place to start.

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